Press Kit


Chris Drogaris

CHRIS has a degree in Computer Science as well as in the Fine Arts. He is currently a mobile developer at McGill university with a central focus on games that solve real problems. In his free time he plays hockey and likes to challenge himself with learning new skills. Chris also doesn't know how to write a bio about himself.

Dario Farina

DARIO holds a BFA in the Fine Arts at Concordia University. He is currently working for a private marketing firm as a designer, but also got a certification in Type Design which he studied in Milan for. Not quite got around to building a typeface yet, Dario's instagram is sprinkled with handwritten doodles.


Dario Farina

DAVID is a Music Composer for Video Games. Some of his work can be found on games like Magicite, Roguelands and now BLORK. ️He also goes by the name Bashi Boizu. You can listen to samples of Bashi Boizu's work on Soundcloud. Or you can just download BLORK.

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